About Us

We are Bella Rose Collection: a rose company that sells the best-preserved roses on the market today.

From a Simple Idea, a Business Was Born.

This company originally began in Atlanta, Georgia as a simple idea that truly flourished like a flower in the mind of the founder. She wanted to start a business to show her granddaughters that if you work hard enough, truly anything is possible.

Bella Rose Collection was established with the names of her four granddaughters in mind: Bella, Isabella, Rose, and Zaria. She knew it was only fitting to name the business after those she loves so dearly. From the day this business began, she was all in!

She quickly made building a legacy for her children and grandchildren a top priority. Through her sheer will and commitment to delivering the highest quality products to customers all over the world, Bella Rose Collection developed a creation that can guarantee a full year of preservation!

A Gift So Beautiful Deserves to Linger

Roses are naturally transient in their beauty. As a living plant, roses are cut and diminish over time; however, Bella Rose Collection has developed a specific process to preserve roses in their state of peak beauty. Each product we create is of the highest quality and purest design.

Why Choose Us

Long-Lasting Freshness

Our fresh-cut, preserved roses can stay beautiful for one whole year, with a potential lifetime of up to three years.

Quality and Design

Each preserved rose product we create is of the highest quality and purest design, using vibrant colors and materials.

Dedication and Commitment

Bella Rose Collection’s dedication to sparking joy in the community leads to extraordinary products and support.

Only the Best Preserved Roses

Our real roses are 100% natural and have been preserved to last for 1 year or longer when protected. We create custom-made décor boxes that house carefully preserved roses that will stay fresh for an entire year - no maintenance needed.

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