Preserved roses are a wonderful way to keep the beauty of fresh blooms in your home for years. At Bella Rose Collections, we specialize in these exquisite floral arrangements, designed to retain their natural beauty without wilting or fading. Taking care of preserved roses is simple, but it requires some specific steps and following these care tips to ensure they stay in perfect condition. Here are some tips and guidelines to help you maintain the lasting beauty of your preserved roses from us.

8 Care Tips to Keep Your Roses Looking Fresh and New

#1: Keep Away from Direct Sunlight

Preserved roses are sensitive to direct sunlight. Overexposure can cause the colors to fade and the petals to become brittle. Place your arrangement in a location that receives indirect light. This helps in maintaining the vibrant colors and the soft texture of the petals.

#2: Avoid Humidity

High humidity levels can adversely affect preserved roses. The moisture can cause the petals to become soft and may even lead to mold growth. Keep your preserved roses in a dry environment. A room with a consistent temperature and low humidity is ideal. If you live in a particularly humid area, consider using a dehumidifier to protect your arrangement.

#3: Handle with Care

Though preserved roses are more durable than fresh ones, they still require gentle handling. Avoid touching the petals frequently, as the natural oils from your skin can damage them. When moving your arrangement, hold it by the base or the container to prevent any accidental crushing of the delicate petals.

#4: Dust Gently

Dust can accumulate on your preserved roses over time, dulling their appearance. Use a soft, dry brush to gently remove any dust. Avoid using water or cleaning sprays, as they can damage the preserved petals. A small, clean makeup brush is an excellent tool for this task, allowing you to reach into the crevices without harming the flowers.

#5: Avoid Crushing and Pressing

Preserved roses are more robust than fresh flowers, but they can still be crushed or pressed if not handled properly. Make sure to place them in a location where they won’t be knocked over or squashed by other items. If displaying in a high-traffic area, ensure they are out of reach of pets and children.

#6: Keep Away from Heat Sources

Excessive heat can dry out preserved roses, making them brittle. Avoid placing them near heat sources such as radiators, vents, or direct sunlight. A stable, cool environment will help maintain their soft texture and vibrant color.

#7: Use a Protective Display Case

For an added layer of protection, consider displaying your preserved roses in a glass case. This not only keeps dust and debris off the petals but also adds a touch of elegance to the display. It’s a perfect way to showcase the beauty of your preserved roses while keeping them safe from potential damage.

#8: Regularly Rotate the Display

If you have multiple preserved rose arrangements, consider rotating them periodically. This helps to evenly expose them to environmental conditions and can extend their lifespan. By rotating, you can also enjoy different arrangements throughout your home, keeping your decor fresh and interesting.

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Preserved roses from Bella Rose Collections are a lasting investment in beauty. With these proper care tips, your stunning blooms can bring joy and elegance to your home for years to come. By following these simple tips and guidelines, you can ensure your preserved roses remain as beautiful as the day you received them. Treat them with the gentle care they deserve, and they will continue to be a cherished part of your decor.

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