Are you wondering what to get for Mother’s Day for your mom or another mother figure in your life? Today, we’re going to chat about why preserved roses are one of the perfect gift ideas for your mom this year. Let’s get started.

What to Get for Mother’s Day: Preserved Roses! Here’s Why…

#1: They’re Beautiful!

There’s no denying that roses are simply gorgeous. They’re a symbol of love and affection of so many kinds, not just romantic interest. We recommend our preserved roses for any occasion. From graduations to Mother’s Day, preserved roses are, quite simply, a beautiful gift to give or receive!

#2: Preserved Roses Last a Year (or more) with Proper Care

Especially if you’re already considering sending your mom flowers, we highly recommend going the preserved roses route. While preserved roses might cost more, they won’t get tossed into the trash after one week. Preserved roses are a gift that your mom (or mother figure) can enjoy all year long — or longer.

#3: They’re Versatile

Our preserved roses are the best gift ideas because they come in a wide variety of arrangements. You can pick from boxes, single roses, teddy bear-shaped arrangements, heart-shaped arrangements, and so much more. What will your mom like?

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#4: Preserved Roses Come in So Many Colors

There are so many fun colors you can choose to send your mother for Mother’s Day; this makes them able to be integrated into any style or decor. We’ll cover all of the classic colors in the next section, but keep in mind that you can send your mom her favorite color, too!

What Color Roses Should I Get for My Mother on Mother’s Day?

If you aren’t familiar with the meanings behind the different colors of roses, we’ve got you covered. For Mother’s Day, we recommend the following:

  • White roses for new or expectant mothers. White roses symbolize purity or new beginnings.
  • Pink roses are great for any mother. Pink roses symbolize femininity and grace.
  • Lilac roses are also great for any mother, but purple can also symbolize spirituality, mystique, and majesty.
  • Yellow roses are great for cheering someone up, making them perfect for any mother this Mother’s Day.
  • Blush, light pink roses symbolize gratitude, making them perfect for gifting from daughter or son to their mother.
  • Baby blue roses are a symbol of trust, hope, and deep emotion. These can be great in a Mother’s Day gift, too!
  • Your mom’s favorite color is a great standby, too, if you don’t want to overthink it! Our preserved roses come in a wide variety of colors and shades so you can pick exactly what color you want.

When Is Mother’s Day 2024?

Now that you know what to get for Mother’s Day, it’s time to order!

This year, Mother’s Day is on Sunday, May 12th. If you really want to make sure your mom knows you care, don’t wait till the last minute to come up with gift ideas. If you’re ordering our beautiful roses, make sure to get your orders into the Bella Rose Collection to ensure timely creation of your gifts!

Plus, you don’t want to miss out on our deals we have running! Save more than 50% on some of our items today!

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